Episode 013 – René Carayol MBE on How to Discover our Strengths and Greatness

This week on the Podcast I sit down with René Carayol MBE.

René is a Business and Leadership speaker, 3 time author and Broadcaster. His career has seen him reach the highest level of business including senior leadership positions at Marks and Spencers, being headhunted by Pepsi and becoming Managing Director at IPC Electric during which he was part of a management buy out by Timer Warner worth 1.1 billion.

In this episode we discuss René new book called “Spike” which is designed to help us discover our key strengths and greatness to fulfil our potential. Spike is a simple philosophy. Everyone on earth is born with at least one inherent strength. Today’s society, education and business are fixated on everyone’s weaknesses. The book encourages us to imagine what we could achieve if we focussed on everyone’s strengths and honed our strengths to a formidable standard.

He breaks down how to discover our spikes and also how to harness them with the power of a mentor.


René has kindly offered to give away 5 books to listeners of the podcast. So I will run a competition! Enter your email below and on Saturday 26th November 2017, I will do a random draw for the competition and we will email a signed copy to the address of your choice!

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