Friday Blog: Reinventing Yourself and Creating Your Own Story

Ok so it’s just after midnight, ready to go to bed and I have realised I haven’t posted my Friday blog which I only promised a week ago I would release every Friday! So the fear of anyone mentioning I haven’t stuck to what I said I would do has kept me up to write this!
ICYMI I have decided to blog and keep a log on the changes of thoughts and actions I am seeing as a result of this process of researching for The Art of Success and they are adding up!
This week I have been thinking a lot about the interview with Kriss Akabusi (3 time Olympian) and some of the learnings on success. One of the biggest things that I took away was about our self concept and how we see ourselves in our mind comes to fruition in reality. That the power of how we see ourselves impacts the actions we take and therefore the success that comes into our lives. One thing Kriss did was actually change his name to reinvent himself and draw a line in the sand to become the person he wanted to be… the winner and champion.

But as he dug further, he started to explain how we create the story of our life through our mind and that we have a choice in how we tell ourselves our story, that we have the choice to pluck out the best bits even if it is tough path to help us create the future. Hearing Kriss talk about his childhood where he spent his time in a children’s home was really powerful for me personally. I was inspired to hear him talk about how he took the positives from a very challenging upbringing and took what he needed from the story to propel him forward. I know it wouldn’t have been easy growing up with a children’s home without your parents and he talked about crying everyday and the early feelings of abandonment. But he found a way to talk about the experience in an empowering way inspired me to look at mine. 
Just after the interview with Kriss I got a call to see if I would go on BBC Saturday Live Radio station to talk about the my brother who our family lost when I was five years old. Anxiety ran through me because I realised it wasn’t something I was comfortable or ready to deal with in front of a listenership of 2.5 million. I had a massive void. I listened repeatedly to the podcast especially the part where Kriss shared about his upbringing and realised it would be hypocritical if i am asking others to share some of their journey and I don’t, and more importantly that it was up to me to shape and understand my story in my mind that it wasn’t dehabilitating. I took the time to dissect how Kriss had reframed his journey and I did the same till the point I felt I was ready to share. Even though the sharing was uncomfortable, a number of people got in touch after hearing the show to say they were going through grief and hearing me share the message was powerful for them. Kriss’s message had been shared further and he had helped deal with something I have been struggling with for 28 years. I also saw the power of sharing, connection and realising many of us go through challenges. I really wasn’t expecting this journey to have such an impact personally but this week but it has been very powerful.
Right! Time to hit the sack, but another insightful week of The Art of Success Journey! 
Ebz x