Podcast 001 – Alastair Campbell on Winning and Success | The Art of Success Podcast

Hello and welcome! I am soooo excited to bring you the first ever episode of The Art of Success Podcast and today I sit down with Alastair Campbell former Press Secretary and Director of Communications for Tony Blair and the Labour Party to talk success. Not only has he reached the highest level in politics, Campbell is also the author of 12 books including his best selling book ‘Winners’.

In this podcast episode we discuss the key to Alastair Campbell’s success and of course his book ‘Winners’ and how they succeed. We delve into his interviews with the likes of  Floyd Mayweather (unbeaten champion), Martina Navratilova and Jose Morinhino amongst others! He also talks about a fascinating interview with Lance Armstrong which demonstrates when the winning mindset goes to far.

If you want to know how to be become a peak performer this episode is for you!

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In this podcast you will learn:

  • Keys to Alastair Campbell’s success – 5 mins
  • Resilience 6 min 30
  • The power of visualisation 18 min 40
  • The extreme mindset of winners 28 min 15
  • Setting strategy, objectives and tactics for success 47 min 15
  • Social mobility and success 50 mins
  • Continuous learning and personal development 54 mins

I hope you enjoy. If you do please share and I am open to any feedback so feel free to leave comments below or get in touch via twitter @ejrainfordbrent .

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