New Podcast Launching – ‘The Art of Success’ on 4th June

Hi guys! Very excited to announce I will be launching my first ever podcast on Sunday 4th June 2017 called ‘The Art of Success’.

In this podcast series I will interview people who have got to the top of their fields in the world of sport, business and politics and uncover what it takes to get to the top and achieve peak performance.

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated about success and what the differences are between those who reach the pinnacle of success in their fields and the average. There is no doubt people who get to the very top view the world differently and their thinking leads to actions which deliver results.

As a former elite sportsperson the competitive edge in me and the desire to get ahead is always burning! Personal development is very close to my heart and over the years I have read an extraordinary amount of books, listened to audio programmes in my car on my journeys on success, delivered many speeches on performance and also trained as a peak performance coach and Master Practitioner of NLP. The obsession on this subject is huge!

I wanted to go on a process to not just take my own view of success and peak performance, but really speak to those who have done it and got to the very top.

If you are someone like me who is keen to get ahead and achieve more success in our own journeys … tune in for the weekly podcast. There will be biweekly interviews and in the weeks in between I will share success tips I have learnt and along the way.

Looking forward to sharing soon!