Episode 21 – Marvin Ambrosius on Embracing the Rollercoaster & Finding Happiness’

This week on the podcast I sit down with Marvin Ambrosius, Entrepreneur, TV Show Host, Fitness trainer and CEO of Fit Freaks.

From a career as an England Basketballer to losing it all following injury, Marvin discusses how he had to start again. Despite finding some success after moving into the music industry including having music hits produced around the world, pressure to make a living, he moved into a sales role at Sky. After overcoming battles with weight issues, Marvin developed a love for fitness and in following his passion ended up building a fitness business and his own TV show.

This week’s episode is a roller coaster ride to success. Key things you will learn:

– How to embrace the rollercoaster challenges of life

– How to come out of your comfort zone

– The importance of living your authentic self

– Finding happiness and balance

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