Life is Like a Game of Poker!

Life is like a game of Poker

Ok, so I watched an interesting clip of a guy called Rick Warren talking to Oprah about life and how he viewed it and I absolutely loved it, and I just had to write a blog post to sum the good stuff up!

Keeping it simple the analogy is this:

Life is like a game of poker. The aim of the game is to win by making the best of the hand we have been dealt. Although we have absolutely no control over the the cards we have been dealt, a wise player can play what seems to be a weak hand and still win the game.

I really enjoyed this analogy because it makes life make so much sense, but yet seem so simple and therefore manageable. We all know life isn’t always fair, but it puts the focus on the decision we make as opposed to what the cards are.

The second part of the analogy was even more powerful and specific. Rick (I am saying Rick as if I know him! 🙂 ) Rick says… Everyone is dealt the same 5 cards in life:

  1. The Chemistry Card – Our DNA and make up. We have no choice on our gender, race, strengths, weakness, abilities or disabilities. It just is the way it is.
  2. The Circumstances Card – The things life throws at us – We don’t choose our parents, where we are born and things that just seem get chucked our way. These are just the cards we have been dealt
  3. The Connections Card –We are all wired to be connected and have relationships as human as beings. This cannot be changed

However where the game seems to get more interesting are the last two cards …

4. The Consciousness Card – This is the story we tell ourselves about the cards we have been dealt. Ultimately what we think about them, will determine how we feel, and what we feel will determine how we act. Whether positive or negative, this process cannot be changed.

(Think > Feel > Act)

The most important and exciting card is the 5th and final card; The Wild Card!!! This is the unknown, and is only determine by us. The gift of free choice which no-one else has any power over. Controlling the controllables and making the best decisions with the cards we have been dealt will determine whether we win or lose the game of life.

Well this analogy stopped me moaning for today! Hope it helps or inspires you too 🙂


Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent

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