Hump Day Inspiration – Drake talks Success and Drive

Every wednesday I will be sharing some of my favourite videos on success to provide either inspiration, motivation or to provoke a bit of thought.

This week’s hump day inspiration comes from Drake on of my favourite artists at the moment and his and his album ‘Take Care’ has got me through a lot of sessions of work at the office!


If you don’t know who Drake is, he is definitely a man of the moment and big in popular culture! He talks on his obsessive drive and desire to improve. All four of his solo studio albums have gone platinum, he has won countless awards including 3 grammys and set a goal of reaching 25 million in income by 25 which he achieved.

Whether you are a hip hop fan or not, this clip clearly demonstrates someone with the mindset of a winner.

Happy Hump Day!

Ebz 🙂