Friday Blog Post – ‘Thinking in Ink and Celebrating Success! 

Last week whilst having dinner with one of my bestie’s Hursh, we were talking about the release of my new podcast ‘The Art of Success’ and the book I am in the process of writing on success. He posed a really good and simple question … “Are you writing a diary about what you are learning?”

I explained that of course I am writing down chapters of what I believe it takes to have the winning mindset that achieves success! What else did he think I was doing 🙂 . I continued to chirp on “I believe they do X and they do Y and that is what makes them successful!”. There was a part of me questioning why he would ask such a basic question… Come on mate, I am on it! 🙂
But the more he probed and challenged me I realised the subtlety of what he was asking. He wasn’t asking so much about the interviews I have conducted and their mindset but how is this process of sitting down with them is affecting me. As I started to reflect with him I realised over the last few months I have made lots of small changes and taken actions I would not normally do as a result. I do feel I have shifted and grown my lens of the world and feel much more positive.
Sitting down with these amazing performers and having conversations with great minds is bound to have an impact, in some ways it is a process of mentoring. Although I am only a fraction of the way through my interviews when I look at a snapshot of who I have spoken to so far they have amassed…
– 3 Olympic medals
– 12 Paralympic medals- 8 World Cups

– 2 World Cup winners

– Rowing across the Atlantic and cycling around the world

– 3 Successful start ups which had been sold, floated or acquired

– Serving at the highest level of politics
That is some serious insight and inspiration on offer and we are only scratching the surface! 

For those who listened to the first podcast with Alastair Campbell (author of 12 books by the way!) we had a good discussion on how he “Thinks in Ink” which is a quote from Marilyn Monroe. It’s a process where he sits down and writes out his thoughts to help him work out what he is thinking and getting his head around things and in some ways making the unconscious become conscious and giving it structure. I realised unconsciously I had been making changes to my thought process but as Hursh said, without putting pen to paper I won’t be able to remember the shifts and changes down the line. I am not the biggest writer down of stuff, although if I plan to achieve my bucket list of goal of writing a book I better get used to it! I realise thinking in ink is crucial to cement this learning and insight so I have decided to commit to writing a Friday blog every week which I will post.

One of the first things that stood out across a lot of interviews like a sore thumb and it has been repeated so much is the need to celebrate success. Taking stock of small milestones that have been achieved rather than staying on the treadmill of life and becoming so engrossed that we don’t enjoy the moment. I am very guilty of that and often it can feel like there is no start or end to actions, just a lot of blur and life!

Guests have been talking about celebrating in different ways. Athletes talked about after a good day of training that they were happy with having a small treat such as heading to cinema with friends (I am guessing getting drunk and eating a dirty kebab is off the list when you are in training!). Entrepreneurs talked about getting staff to stay in the moment and enjoy what had been achieved through aways days etc and authors talked about printing out chapters as they are writing a book and taking pleasure seeing them pile up.

One of the things I did which I hadn’t thought about is that after hearing so much from these interviews I took time out to write down a timeline from birth to now of not only things I have achieved, but difficult times I have overcome, and it started to give me a sense of time and a internal feeling of satisfaction and achievement. It made me remember key milestones and turning points in my life. I hung it up on the wall and a massive sense of positive emotion flowed through me thinking back through everything. I extended the line past the present day and added some of my values that I want the next phase of my life to be lived by… things such as leaving a legacy, increased connection and creativity. I found it a very simple but powerful exercise and would 100% recommend it as a way to celebrate and look back on life and the positives. 

The nicest thing about this journey is being able to share. But it is all well and good me taking these on board… my question to you is are you taking stock of your learnings and making time to celebrate successes in your life?

Have a great weekend 🙂

Ebz x