Episode 19 – George Dobell, Daniel Norcross & Stephan Shemilt – ‘Working Smart for Success’

This week on the podcast I sit down with Dan Norcross, George Dobell and Stephan Shemilt from the world of sports media.

Dan Norcross, described as “the most interesting commentator of the new generation” by the Telegraph is a commentator for the flagship BBC Test Match Special programme. George Dobell is a writer and Senior Cricket Correspondent for ESPN and Stephan Shemilt is a writer and sports journalist for BBC online.

In this episode we discuss their careers and journeys and the theme of ‘working Smart’. In this episode you will learn:

– Finding and following what you love
– Positioning yourself for success and creating disruption
– How to work smart in terms of productivity and output
– How to whip yourself up into a frenzy to make yourself take bold actions