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I have to say one of the best things I have EVER done in life is to write a bucket list. If you meet me for about 5 minutes, this is something I never shut up about! I am so inspired by life and want to make the most of it however long we have on this planet!

I was inspired to write the list about 3 years ago when I felt life was dwindling a bit and didn’t feel like I was making time for the important things I wanted to see or learn. It has forced me to have a focus and also a great way to share experiences with people.

To date I have completed 29 out of 84. So if bucket lists are your thing, feel free to check out below. I have added links from little videos or instagram posts of some of the experiences, so feel free to click on!

Also you can check out some of my adventure videos here!


1. Photograph Stonehenge – Completed 
2. Visit the Lake District – Completed
3. Go on the London Eye – Completed
4. See Jill Scott Live 
5. Eat a curry on Brick Lane  – Completed
6. Wild Camp on the Isle of Skye – Completed 
7. Tower of London
8. Climb Ben Nevis – Completed
9. Climb Scafell Pike
10. Climb Snowdon
11. Climb Brecon Beacons – Completed
12. Play golf at Wentworth
13. Blenhiem Palace
14. London Dungeon
15. Try Free Running
16. Go to Lovebox Festival
17. Eat a meal at the Shard – Completed (Breakfast)

18. Visit Stockholm – Completed
19. Colosseum (7 New Wonders of the World) – Completed
20. La Tomantina Festival
21. Watch a major golf tournament live – Completed
22. Kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower
23. Visit the Vatican – Completed
24. Tuscany, Italy
25. See the Northern LightsCompleted
26. Do Europe trip either by road or rail
27. Spray Champagne in Ibiza – Completed

28. Climb Kilimanjaro (and chill in Zanzibar)
29. See the Golden Gate Bridge – Completed
30. Volunteer at an orphanage in the Third World
31. Safari in Africa – Completed
32. Party in Vegas
33. Petra, Jordan (7 New Wonders of the World)
34. Eygpt Giza (7 New Wonders of the World)
35. Christ the Redeemer (Rio, Brazil) (7 New Wonders of the World)
36. Taj Mahal (7 New Wonders of the World) – Completed
37. Macchu Picchu Trail, Peru (7 New Wonders of the World)
38. Chichen Itza, Mexico (7 New Wonders of the World)
39. Great Wall of China (7 New Wonders of the World)
40. Cochella Festival in California
41. New Orleans – Jazz Festival
42. Carnival – Trinidad or West Indies 
43. Rocky Mountain – Canada
44. Great Barrier Reef – Australia
45. Grand Canyon, Arizona
46. Galapagos Islands


47. Take a photography/videography class  – Completed 
48. Write a book – Currently researchingCheck out podcast interviews!
49. Learn to speak Spanish
50. Learn to ski
51. Become a single figure handicap golferWorking Towards current 28!
52. Learn to Salsa
53. Make a documentary
53. Attend a Tony Robbins seminar
54. Adopt a child
55. Learn to fly – started but need to restart!
56. Drive a Tuk Tuk – Completed
57. Shoot a gun – Completed
58. Cycle across England – Completed
59. Cycle London to Paris – Completed
60. Road trip the UK in Campervan
61. Adventure holiday Interlake, Switzerland
62. Visit an ashram
63. Scuba Dive
64. Sky Dive – Attempted in NZ 2015, Bad weather… will go again!
65. Ride in a Helicopter – completed
66.Route 66 – Road Trip across america – in planning for Nov 2018
67. Cycle the Santiago de Compostela
69. Campervan across New Zealand – Completed 
70. Drive the great Ocean Road – Completed ish! Hangover meant we stopped half way!
71. Drive and own a convertible – Completed
72. Paraglide – Completed
73.Climb to Base Camp Mount Everest
74. Swim with Dolphins
75. Race quad bike in the desert 
76. Go diving in the Red Sea
77. Caber Tossing Scotland

78. Be part of a Flash Mob
– Completed by random luck
79. Represent country at international sport – Ok this was in hindsight but would be on my life list so I added!
80. Visit 98 Countries! – Current Count 26
81. Travel to every continent – Current count 5
82. Meet Oprah
83. Travel into Space
84. Fly First Class