Book of the Week! – The Growth Mindset by Carole Dweck

I absolutely love reading and have read many books on the topic of success and mindset. I have decided to pick one of my favourites each week as a recommendation. This week’s book is a classic and a must read for anyone wants to realise their potential.

In summary some of us think that our talents, abilities and traits are fixed, whilst others believe we can develop them through hard work, applying strategy and learning through mentors. The latter belief is known as the growth mindset and this belief manifests through our actions and leads to success in our lives.

This book challenged my personal thinking and I personally found there were areas I seemed to operate with the growth mindset in place, but also a lot of areas I realised I was operating in a fixed way. This book will open up your mind to a fresh way of thinking and is empowering to know that we can take more control of our beliefs to lead to more success.

The video below offers more insight into the book. Worth a watch and more importantly a read!